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Megan LaPree

Program Manager

Megan LaPree brings to Heroic Path to Light a unique combination of professional acumen and profound personal empathy. As the Program Manager, her background in aviation operations and logistics has been vital in navigating the complexities and dynamics of HPTL's diverse programs. This expertise allows her to effectively coordinate and manage the organization's various healing and support initiatives.

Beyond her professional skills, Megan's personal life story resonates deeply with the core mission of HPTL. Raised as the daughter of a homicide detective, she developed an early and acute understanding of trauma and its enduring effects. This personal connection to trauma is a key driver behind her unwavering commitment to facilitate healing and support for those who have faced similar challenges.

In her role at HPTL, Megan has witnessed the transformative healing of thousands of heroes and their families. These experiences have not only solidified her dedication to the cause but have also inspired her to begin her training in MDMA facilitation and integration, inspired by the significant results she has seen in both her personal journey and in the lives of her close friends.

Megan is particularly passionate about addressing domestic and religious trauma, underscoring her commitment to holistic healing and personal growth. She approaches every facet of her work with a balance of professional diligence and genuine empathy, ensuring that all who come to HPTL receive compassionate understanding and expert care.

As the life partner and soulmate of Justin LaPree, Founder and President of HPTL, Megan's role transcends her professional responsibilities. Their partnership is grounded in a shared vision and commitment to HPTL's mission. Together, Megan and Justin form a foundation of strength and inspiration, propelling the organization in its noble endeavor to guide individuals toward resilience, recovery, and renewal.

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