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Embark on a comprehensive 25-week odyssey of self-discovery and healing with our Transformational Program. This journey begins with eight weeks of meticulous preparation, involving personalized clinical support. Then, dive into a week-long, soul-nurturing retreat, rich with therapeutic practices and spiritual ceremonies. The journey culminates in a sixteen-week integration phase, expertly guiding you towards a newfound sense of self before you gracefully transition into our Mastery Community.

The Heroic Path to Light: A Comprehensive Program That Provides You The Tools For Purposeful Change

What's Included in Your Journey

Set the foundation for your transformative journey with our Eight-week Preparation Program. This phase marks the beginning of your supported path, featuring one-on-one sessions with our Lead Integration Specialist and engaging group calls. Prepare to embark on a series of guided activities and access a treasure trove of resources, all designed to prime you for the profound experiences that lie ahead in your transformative quest.

Pathfinder Prep: The 8-Week Gateway


"Family Matters" offers an impactful Eight-Week Preparation and Integration Program for transformative family growth. Beginning with a four-week Preparation Phase, families participate in one-on-one and group sessions led by Family Integration Specialists, focusing on building a foundation of understanding and mutual support through guided activities and resources. This is followed by a four-week Integration Phase, where families apply learned insights and strategies in group calls, enhancing family bonds and communication. Supported by a dedicated team throughout, this program promises a nurturing journey toward a stronger, more connected family unit, deepening family bonds and fostering lasting positive change.

Family Matters: The 8-Week Transformative Family Journey


Experience profound growth and renewal during our Week Transformational Retreat. This program immerses you in a nurturing community setting, offering a blend of two entheogenic sacrament ceremonies, invigorating breathwork, and guided meditations. With both individual and group support, you'll journey through various healing modalities, all within a legally-sanctioned, sacred, and secure environment. This retreat is a haven for deep spiritual and emotional transformation.

Sanctuary of Renewal: The Healing Retreat


Join us for a serene and healing Full Day Equestrian Therapy. Here, veterans and first responders combatting PTSD and chronic stress find solace and healing. Interact with our therapy horses and a family of farm animals, in an environment that promotes connection and recovery. This unique blend of equine therapy and farm life offers a powerful, natural setting for families to reconnect and heal together.

Equine Embrace: The Therapeutic Day Retreat


The Warriors Breath program offers more than just techniques; it's a pathway to reconnecting with yourself and finding peace. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of intense experiences or seeking a deeper connection with your inner self, this program provides the tools and support to foster significant change and healing in your life.

Key Features of The Warriors Breath:

  • 5 Specialized Breathing Practices: Dive deep into ancient breathing techniques, refined by modern scientific understanding, to channel your inner strength and convert stress and pain into revitalizing energy.

  • 10 Live Training and Group Sessions: Engage in a series of 10 live training sessions led by Leland, a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience in breathwork and stress management. These sessions offer a hands-on, interactive experience to learn and grow.

  • 300 Minutes of Live Q&A: Benefit from 5 weeks of live Q&A sessions, amounting to a total of 300 minutes. These interactive sessions are designed to perfect your practice and achieve optimal results, addressing your unique questions and concerns.

  • Lifetime Access: Gain unlimited lifetime access to all training sessions, breathwork practices, and Q&A recordings. Revisit the materials at your convenience to continuously enhance your practice and maintain your journey toward healing.

The Warriors Breath: A Journey of Healing and Reconnection


Enhance your transformative experience with our Integration Specialist Package. featuring eight weeks of one-on-one calls and engaging group calls from our certified specialists, offering personalized support and guidance. These sessions are vital in helping you integrate your experiences, insights, and growth into your daily life, ensuring a seamless transition and lasting impact from your journey at Heroic Path to Light.

Guided Insights: The Integration Journey


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