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Kirk Parsley

Medical Director

Dr. Kirk Parsley, a former SEAL team member and now a renowned medical expert, has a storied career that bridges elite military service and cutting-edge medical practice. Completing SEAL training at just 19, he served as a 60-gunner on SEAL Team Five in Coronado, California, before leaving in 1994 to pursue higher education. Re-entering the Navy for medical school at Bethesda, Maryland, Kirk was commissioned as a Navy Officer in 2000.

After his rigorous medical training, including medical school, internship, and residency, Dr. Parsley returned to the SEALs, this time as the physician for the West Coast SEAL teams. Here, he was tasked with the challenging role of optimizing the performance of SEALs who had faced eight years of sustained combat. It was during this period that Kirk identified a significant gap between conventional "healthcare" and true "health," prompting him to explore alternative medical literature extensively.

Kirk’s approach focused on minimal reliance on pharmaceuticals, supplements, or gadgets, given the limitations of medical interventions in austere environments. His success in this arena established him as a highly sought-after expert in medical human performance, consulting not just for Navy SEALs but for a wide range of elite performers, including special forces commands, professional sports teams, international corporations, law enforcement, and executives.

Dr. Parsley’s philosophy hinges on aligning modern life with our ancestral lifestyle, aiming to replicate the health metrics of our 25-year-old selves. He places a strong emphasis on Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress mitigation, with a particular focus on Sleep.

Certified in Hyperbaric Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and currently pursuing national certification in Psychedelic Medicine Therapies, Kirk dedicates much of his time to advising non-profit organizations supporting the SEAL community and providing healthcare to veterans. Operating from Austin, Texas, he manages his practice and supplement business and is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and fitness devotee. In his leisure time, Kirk is often found in nature, continuously honing his medical expertise.

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