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Yeshua Adonai

Director Of Development

Yeshua Adonai, a U.S. Marine combat veteran and former U.S. Department of State diplomat, is a seasoned social entrepreneur and executive coach with two decades of experience in holistic practices for healing trauma, building thriving teams, and maximizing positive impact. His journey through treatment-resistant depression, severe anxiety, and complex PTSD, and the subsequent healing catalyzed by psychedelics, has ignited his commitment to ensuring universal access to natural medicine.

Over the past ten years, Yeshua has trained with shamans and teachers from the Shipibo tradition in Peru, Mazatec Shamanism in Mexico, and the Andean Moche culture. As a sacred mushroom minister, he has facilitated over 150 ceremonies and leads integration circles and events for a growing community in Maine.

Yeshua's coaching career spans a decade, during which he has guided hundreds of clients in professional, personal, and spiritual development. His clientele includes government officials, Fortune 100 leaders, and visionaries from organizations like the California Department of Public Health, the City of Sacramento, Google, Facebook, and Roche. As the COO at Lief Therapeutics, a mindfulness transformative technology startup, he played a vital role in helping thousands develop self-regulation skills.

He has served in diverse roles, including as a corporate C-suite facilitator, community developer, and mindfulness guide. Notable projects include establishing Facebook's internal mindfulness program, aiding in the creation of one of Google's first Living Buildings, and facilitating health innovation programs for Roche in Silicon Valley.

Yeshua's extensive experience also includes serving as the executive director of an environmental non-profit and in fundraising development. He notably led early-stage capital-raising initiatives for Team Rubicon, contributing to its growth into a major disaster relief organization while supporting veteran healing. Influenced by the teachings of Thích Nhất Hạnh, George Gurdjieff, and Buckminster Fuller, Yeshua has a rich 15-year history of meditation practice, including a year-long sabbatical at a Buddhist monastery and participation in numerous retreats. Vision quests and nature immersions, such as traversing thousands of miles on the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, form a crucial part of his healing philosophy.

Yeshua holds a B.A. in Sustainability Management from DeVry University and has completed much of the coursework for an M.S. in Biomimicry from Arizona State University. Among his personal interests are bodybuilding, archery, and outdoor adventures with his two children.

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