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Erik Shapiro

Director of Technology

Erik Shapiro is an established entrepreneur and technology leader, renowned as the Owner of Orion Marketing Solutions, a company that specializes in creating custom SaaS solutions for growing businesses. He also leads American Website Designs, an agency proficient in developing websites and marketing strategies for contractors and the American construction industry.

One of Erik's key roles is his involvement in supporting businesses within the field of psychedelic therapy. As the Director of Technology for various companies, he has become an expert in this unique and evolving sector. Erik's expertise is not just limited to technology management; he adeptly handles the complex legal and technological landscapes that are fundamental to psychedelic therapy businesses.

With over two decades in business management, Erik has honed a deep understanding of the digital world's nuances. His work in the psychedelic therapy industry involves carefully balancing adherence to legal regulations while utilizing advanced technology to effectively support these businesses. This role showcases not only Erik's technical skills but also his ability to navigate and solve the specific challenges presented by this growing field.

Erik's commitment to supporting psychedelic therapy businesses aligns with his passion for innovative health solutions. His guidance through the intricate maze of legal and technological hurdles underscores his dedication to making a significant impact in this cutting-edge area of therapeutic advancements.

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