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Jack Doyle


Jack Doyle, the founder of JVD Property Enterprises, is a prominent figure in the real estate investment sector. Since establishing the company in 2013, he has spearheaded a diverse range of debt and equity transactions in real property across the United States, including in states like Florida, New York, California, Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, and Vermont.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Jack pursued his higher education at Middlebury College and the Fordham Graduate School of Business. His academic achievements at Middlebury were distinguished, earning a Double Major in Russian Language Studies and Economics. Beyond his academic pursuits, Jack was a dedicated varsity hockey player and even extended his passion for the sport to Russia, where he played while studying abroad in Moscow.

Jack's impressive career in finance began at Bankers Trust. He quickly established himself as a top revenue producer at several esteemed financial institutions, including EF Hutton, First Boston, and Lazard Freres. While at Lazard, he played a pivotal role in founding and developing the firm’s High Yield Bond and Distressed Debt Trading business. Before venturing into the real estate realm with JVD Property Enterprises, Jack was a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Wexford Capital, showcasing his vast experience and expertise in the financial sector.

Residing in Manalapan, Florida, Jack has actively engaged in his community. His civic contributions have included serving as the Town of Manalapan Commissioner on both their Architectural Commission and Town Council, as well as taking on the role of Mayor Pro Tem. He has also been a member of the Board of Governors of Pine Tree Golf Club.

Jack is known for his philanthropic spirit, particularly his support for the FDNY and various U.S. Military Veteran support groups. His involvement with The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation and The Seal Team Foundation highlights his dedication to giving back to those who have served the country.

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