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Leland Holgate

Lead Breathwork Facilitator

Born on June 1, 1979, in Vicenza, Italy, Leland Holgate was raised in a United States Army family, gaining a unique perspective on life from an early age. His father, an Army Airborne Ranger, and his mother, a nurse, exposed him to the rigors of military life and the impact of stress on those serving as peacekeepers. However, Holgate's childhood was marked by significant challenges, including domestic abuse and a traumatic incident with a babysitter.

Finding solace in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and later in high school activities such as track, football, and band, Holgate developed resilience and coping mechanisms. At 17, he chose to serve his country by joining the Air Force as a C-130 Loadmaster. His military training, especially the S.E.R.E training, provided him with insights into the stressors of military life and a deeper understanding of his father's behavior.

Holgate's time in the military included deployments in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. However, a serious recreational accident resulted in temporary paralysis, leading to the end of his military career. After moving to Las Vegas in 2000, he struggled with substance abuse and a lack of purpose until he discovered yoga, which transformed his life. He became a 500-hour E-RYT, Fitness instructor, and trauma-informed yoga instructor, dedicating himself to helping others heal through yoga.

The suicide of his father in 2016 profoundly affected Holgate and reinforced his commitment to supporting veterans and first responders. He founded Warriors for Life America, a non-profit organization focused on helping military personnel, veterans, and first responders find balance and purpose after service.

Despite further challenges, including a car crash in 2019 and the loss of close ones, Holgate remained resilient. He found strength and recovery through Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings and meditations. Today, he continues his journey of healing and dedicates himself to aiding others in their recovery and wellness.

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