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Caitlin Riley

Integration Specialist


Caitlin is a certified recovery and transformational coach and a trauma-informed psychedelic integration specialist and facilitator. Her coaching practice incorporates both science and spirituality and includes modalities of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and reparenting work. She merges nutrition, mindfulness, somatic release, and nervous and immune system regulation, and with  individuals and groups, Caitlin provides safety, integrity, and heart-centered communication to create a container for clients to look inward with grace, compassion, and objectivity.


Caitlin’s foray into the psychedelic space began in 2016 when a chronic illness crisis prompted a journey across several continents, and ultimately deep within her own heart and mind. For two years, she traveled the globe experiencing psychedelic medicine and immersing herself in the indigenous traditions of Peru, Chile, Argentina, France, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Gabon. This voyage gave rise to her desire to serve others and help them heal with entheogenic medicine.

Caitlin is a member of the Psychedelic Guide Network, a “Being True to You” Certified Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Integration coach, and a graduate of Kairos Integration’s and Zach Leary’s Facilitator Training, Mindlight’s Trauma Integration Program, Stepping Stones’ IFS Training, and Jonathan Robinson’s MDMA Facilitator Training. As the director of the Psychedelic Society of Texas, she leads monthly integration circles and other community-driven events. She has spoken at SXSW and MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 and serves as the lead organizer for Decriminalize Austin, an initiative to decriminalize plant and fungi medicines in Austin, Texas.  


Caitlin enjoys pickleball, photography, cold plunges, sunrises, hiking, art, barbecue, laughing uncontrollably, and building a community with heart-centered individuals in Austin and beyond. A life-long learner and advocate of self-healing and personal evolution, Caitlin believes in the power of entheogens to remind us that we have the capacity to shift our minds, open our hearts, heal our bodies, and change our lives for the better.

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