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Luke Stanton


Luke K. Stanton, a seasoned founder, executive, and investor, has been a prominent figure in the world of emerging therapies for the past twelve years. His journey began with several years in private practice, after which he founded Frontera Law Group in 2015. Frontera, under his leadership, quickly became one of the nation’s leading specialty firms, advising businesses utilizing regulated substances for therapeutic purposes.

Expanding beyond legal advisory, Mr. Stanton ventured into other pivotal business roles. He became a Managing Partner at Skytree Capital Partners and co-founded Skyfront Insurance, a specialty insurance brokerage dedicated to extending insurance access to emerging industries. His expertise was further recognized when he joined Sunniva Inc., a publicly traded Canadian company, as Executive President of U.S. Operations and served on its board for three years. Additionally, he co-founded the Composite Agency in Los Angeles, California.

As his career evolved, Mr. Stanton orchestrated the sale of Frontera Law Group’s book of business to Vicente Sederberg, LLP, a leading firm in cannabis, hemp, and emerging therapies regulatory and business law. Joining Vicente Sederberg as a Partner, he continued to shape the landscape of the emerging therapies sector.

Mr. Stanton's passion for innovation led him to take on senior executive roles in various start-ups, focusing on introducing new technology, brands, and products to the market. This work furthered the expansion of access to emerging therapeutic products across the U.S.

Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at NANA Health, Mr. Stanton joins the Board of Heroic Path to Light with a deep commitment to the veteran and first responder communities. He collaborates with industry leaders to forge a prosperous future for a new healing paradigm in America, leveraging his extensive experience and passion for transformative therapies.

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