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Caitlin Riley

Director of Creative Strategy, Partnerships & Media

Caitlin is an award-winning writer, producer, and creative strategist with over 23 years of experience in media, film, television, marketing, and storytelling. A poised advocate, communicator, storyteller, and super connector, Caitlin gets a high from building alliances, fostering relationships, and creating collaborations that raise tides, lift ships, and shift minds  — within the veteran and first responder community and beyond.


Caitlin has worked for Warner Bros, HBO, Whole Foods Market, and the World Science Festival, writing and producing content, liaising with executives, and developing and supervising impactful creative strategies and marketing campaigns. She produced the program "Psychedelics: Chemicals, Consciousness & Connection" for the World Science Festival and has supervised several award-winning campaigns for HBO’s “Girls,” “Bored to Death,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” She holds the distinct honor of making Larry David laugh. Twice.

Caitlin’s foray into the psychedelic space began in 2016 when her healing crisis prompted an around-the-world journey through several continents, and ultimately deep within her own heart and mind. A storyteller and a seeker, she’s traveled the globe to experience psychedelic medicines firsthand and immersed herself in many spiritual traditions as a result.


She serves as the Director of the Psychedelic Society of Texas (PsyT), an organization encouraging education, integration, community connection, and harm reduction around psychedelics and their transformative power. She’s organized and moderated several South by Southwest (SXSW) panels and events, and in 2023, she emceed MAPS Psychedelic Science keynote dinner, “Healing Our Heroes: An Evening Honoring Veterans and First Responders.” As the lead organizer for Decriminalize Austin, an initiative to deprioritize plant and fungi medicines in Texas’s capital, Caitlin is a tireless advocate for cognitive and spiritual liberty and access to psychedelic medicines for all.


She currently lives in Austin where she enjoys pickleball, photography, cold plunges, sunrises, hiking, art, barbecue, and building community with heart-centered individuals. She speaks English, Spanish, and French.

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