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Justin LaPree

Founder and President

Justin LaPree, the guiding force behind Heroic Path to Light, stands as a beacon of hope and transformation for those embattled by mental health challenges. As the Founder and President of this pioneering Entheogenic Sanctuary in Austin, Texas, he dedicates himself to the healing of veterans, first responders, and Gold/White Star families through the profound wisdom of entheogenic therapies.

Mirroring the very community he serves, Justin's journey is marked by a tapestry of profound experiences. A decorated Marine and a former Austin firefighter, his path has been shaped by service, sacrifice, and resilience. His tenure on Wall Street and entrepreneurial ventures further honed his leadership, culminating in a personal mission forged from adversity. A harrowing brush with death in 2018 — an unsuccessful suicide attempt stemming from his own battle with a traumatic brain injury and complex PTSD — became the catalyst for a profound personal transformation and the impetus for founding Heroic Path to Light.

Emerging from the darkness of his own struggles, Justin has become an ardent advocate for mental wellness, championing the right for healing on American soil. His organization symbolizes a steadfast commitment to alternative, holistic therapies that honor the sanctity of the mind and spirit in a legal, safe, and hallowed setting.


Justin offers not just insight and education, but a testament to the power of second chances and the human capacity to rise from despair. Heroic Path to Light, under Justin's stewardship, exemplifies his vision: to heal and empower, turning yesterday's trials into tomorrow's triumphs, right here in America. 

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