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Retreat Companion

Welcome to my little corner of the Heroic Path to Light website! Woof! I'm Maxwell, your four-legged friend and retreat companion. Since November 2022, I've been an integral part of the team, offering cuddles and comfort to all our wonderful members.

I'm a Toy Yorkie, but don't let my size fool you – I've got a big heart and an even bigger love for people. My role here is super special; I get to be there for you during your most vulnerable moments, offering a furry shoulder to lean on. This gives me so much purpose and joy, it makes my tail wag non-stop!

At every retreat, you'll find me eagerly waiting at the doorstep, tail wagging and eyes full of excitement. I'm here to greet you, to be your companion, and to share in your journey of healing and transformation. Whether you need a silent listener, a gentle nudge, or a warm presence by your side, I'm your guy – Maxwell, the four-pawed healer.

Remember, whenever you see me, feel free to say hi, give me a pet, or even share a quiet moment together. I'm here for you, to make your experience at Heroic Path to Light even more comforting and memorable. Can't wait to meet you and share some tail wags and happy barks!

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