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Supporting our veteran, first responder, and gold/white star families to find purpose, healing, and growth through community and sacred communion.


From Darkness to Light

"If psychedelic therapy didn't exist and I hadn't discovered these medicines, I wouldn't be alive today. I would have taken my own life. Since 2005, I have mourned the loss of 13 friends, and I nearly became one of those statistics..."

Justin LaPree

Founder and President

Army Soldiers

Heroic Path to Light offers its members the opportunity to partake in entheogenic ceremonies, furnishes support for preparation and integration, and implements holistic methods within a sanctified framework

Heroic Path to Light stands dedicated to the profound mission of not just shaping a world devoid of suicide, but also serving as a beacon of empowerment, enlightenment, and transformation for our veterans, first responders, and the Gold/White Star Families.

We strive to foster an environment of unity, nurturing a powerful community where mutual support, understanding, and shared experience thrive. We offer transformative experiences through sacred entheogenic ceremonies, enriched by meticulous preparation and integration support, to facilitate holistic healing and personal growth. Beyond traditional approaches, we engage alternative healing modalities, broadening the spectrum of therapeutic options.

Our mission illuminates the path towards resilience, recovery, and revival, lighting the way to a future where everyone finds their strength in times of darkness and claims their heroic path to light.

Luminous Valor: Guiding Heroes from Shadow to Radiance

Initiating the process of healing begins with fostering a spiritual bond. Without this vital link, we lack substantial impetus to drive us on our journey. Our program is designed to assist you in nurturing a unique, personal rapport with the Divine, promoting enduring faith, direction, and a feeling of purpose.


Research grounded in science reveals that holistic therapies can offer long-lasting relief from conditions like PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and mTBI. We organize retreats that provide these therapeutic practices in stunning, serene settings, with a focus on ensuring utmost safety and security.


At Heroic Path To Light, we prioritize integration and fostering a sense of community. Following your retreat, we go above and beyond to offer extensive one-on-one support, along with community gatherings. These resources are designed to assist you in seamlessly incorporating the valuable lessons you’ve gained from your retreat into your everyday life. Our goal is to help you establish sustainable lifestyle habits that keep you in a state of continuous growth and harmony.


Experience the Healing Power of Entheogenic Sacraments in a Supportive Setting

Commence on a transformative journey that meets you where you are.

Your supported journey commences eight weeks prior to the retreat, during which you will embark on a series of experiences tailored to your needs. These experiences include personalized one-on-one sessions with our esteemed Therapeutic lead, group preparation calls with an Integration Specialist to foster cohesion, guided activities to enhance your engagement, and access to a wealth of valuable resources.



Immersed within a supportive community, our retreat provides a transformative opportunity for personal development. We curate a profound experience by offering two ceremonies involving entheogenic sacraments, invigorating breathwork sessions, expertly guided meditations, comprehensive integration support, and a range of other therapeutic techniques. Our aim is to create an ideal environment within a sacred, legal, and secure space, ensuring the utmost safety and spiritual growth for all participants.



During the upcoming sixteen weeks, your focus will be on incorporating the valuable insights gained from your retreat into your everyday existence. This comprehensive program encompasses personalized one-on-one and group integration sessions, peer-to-peer accountability exercises, brief daily practices, and evidence-based techniques designed to support your journey towards achieving a sense of completeness and unity.




Embark on a 25-week transformative journey for veterans, first responders, and gold/white star families, encompassing preparation, immersive retreat, and integration for purposeful personal change.

The Heroic Path to Light: A Comprehensive Program That Provides You The Tools For Purposeful Change

Veteran Family

Heroic Path to Light Partners

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